AYS Invitation





  • The youth shibir last year was absolutely phenomenal. The cultural program, the spiritual and interactive discourses kept everyone in the audience engaged.  Not just this year but every year has been getting better and better, but the shibir last year gave me the guideline on how to live life in the correct manner.
    Anand Sheth - Chicago
  • This was my first Shibir that I attended and all in all this can be described as the one experience I’ve had that has taught me more about purifying myself and my senses than anything else. I will be attending all the future Shibirs from now on.
    Raag Shah - Chicago
  • Come here to get in touch with your roots and Be part of a special experience in divinity and eternal peace.
    Ruchit Mehta - California
  • Atmiya Youth Shibir was like being with friends who are family, experiencing oneness and brotherhood!
    Dushyanta Kawadikar - California
  • For me Shibir is to get one step closer to God by living in divine environment for 2 and half days.  Shibir recharged my thoughts. Made me worry-less. By listening the goshtis of Guruhari Swamiji, saints and youths, it resolved my doubts which I come across in my day to day life.
    Niket Patel - Texas
  • Shibir for me is a "Happiness Conference"
    Just like other conferences where people discuss innovative ideas and recent advances in the field, Shibir is the conference where enlightened saints and youths share their techniques and  experiences on how to be eternally happy.
    Harsh Soni - Texas